TOPIC: Just wanted to let you know you're making my dreams come true.

Just wanted to let you know you're making my dreams come true. 2 months 4 weeks ago #17858

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I'm going to make a big dumb list of the things I love about what this game is doing, and you can laugh at me for it if you want. First I will start by saying I didn't back the Kickstarter, but it's because I can't.(I don't want to go into it) When this game releases on steam even if it's just some pre-order or early access thing I'll be instantly buying it, and hell maybe a few extra copies for friends. On to the list

- Choices that matter. I'm sure this has been talked about to the death, so I won't go too much into detail. I just really like the direction you took with real choices and real penalties.

- Races will/do matter. Deciding to live as a specific type of animal has a huge impact on how you play the game, but even the races you choose matter. I hate how scared devs have been for a long time to actually allow Race choices to matter, these days making them glorified skins. Racial differences go a long way to allow RP, Immersion, and different play-styles. Imagine being a super cleanly elf, and you could see the stinklines coming off of one of your filthy party members, and it's actively giving you a bit of a debuff. So now you have to convince this gross caveman to go clean himself off for the good of the party. That sounds amazing and hilarious.

- The upcoming Fairy race. I know, call me names if you want, or call me a liar or whatever, but this has been a fantasy for me since the early days of me playing an mmo. (Ever since Ratonga was an option in Everquest 2, more specifically.) Something about the A-symmetrical nature of being a possibly much weaker but magical fairy that can fly around and do things other races can't but at the cost of giving up other options because if it just seemed like such a cool idea. Maybe dungeons with unique paths that only fairies can get to and get your team extra loot or open doors for them. Even if they're religated to specific combat choices, that's perfectly fine. (I'd really like if there was a viable melee option even if it's weaker.)

- If you don't read you can't progress. So much of the world has interesting things to look at in read, and you're REWARDED for doing so, or often times STOPPED COMPLETELY if you don't. Again, games for too long have been too afraid to do something like this, but it really weeds out those who aren't willing to put in the time to learn about their world and be a part of the experience.

- Immersion. Even with really bad graphics, the great hangout spots, good reasons to actually hang out, fleshed out world, great dialogue, and fun zones all really add a sense of immersion I haven't seen in a long time. I'm a big FFXIV player, and one of my largest complains is how instanced everything is, and how the game is going the way of WoW Where there's no real reason to leave your house/garrison/fc estate to do anything with anyone.

- Player driven quests and crafting: Because of the way the game functions with crafting, players actually have a reason to give quests to other players to obtain them the items they need and that feels really good. Instead of just slapping on a market board and calling it a day, you feel like a real treasure hunter looking for something for a client, and that's fantastic.

- More non-combat focused skills and skillsets outside of just crafting. (Autopsies anyone?)

- Lastly, your unwavering and unyielding attitude towards the game and your ideals. I actually made a thread a while back where I was really annoyed about something, and sort of still am. You stuck to your guns about it even though I thought and still do think it's foolish. Thing is, I like that, though. I know you aren't going to give up an inch, and you'll do what you think is right. Sometimes this will lead to your community being really frustrated or annoyed, but how open you are with testing and asking the community if we like something, overall it shouldn't cause too much of a problem.

Forgive me if this is formatted poorly, I am a god dang fool. My New Years wish is that this game gets on steam soon so I can help support it, and that I can play that Fairy race soon.

Ah, Um I do have a question about that, though. How hard will it be to unlock the new races? I read your faq about being level 30, but will there be other kinds of lockouts? Like if I'm a werewolf would I be unable to talk to the npc required to unlock Fairies for me? The only reason I'd play right now is to get strong enough to immediately unlock them on release and I wouldn't want to make a foolish choice that would mess that up.
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Just wanted to let you know you're making my dreams come true. 2 months 3 weeks ago #17863

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5/7 post.

Well done ser.
Heroes get remembered, but Legends never die.
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