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Recent updates

This page includes the five most recent game updates. You are welcome to tidy up the formatting and add wiki links, but please keep any discussion in the Talk pages as these Game updates are meant to be verbatim from the launcher update notes. Game updates can be found on the launcher, or at the following link:

If you are returning to the game and want short summaries of what was changed, see Quick Notes.

For information on possible future content, please see Knowledge of the Future.

December 19 Hotfix

This update fixes some problems in Saturday's snapshot build, as well as fixing some other bugs that we hadn't gotten to yet.

Cold Weather/Campfire Fixes

- For animal players, Spot in Sun Vale's Animal Town can teach you how to make campfires via a method that doesn't require carpentry. (Creating campfires in this way requires Foraging 5 for the emergency fire and Foraging 20 for the campfire.)
- Campfires made via the traditional method require 1 less Wood than before
- Campfires no longer stay on the landscape forever if you log out before they expire (!)
- Fixed bug that kept your Body Heat from rising above 60, even if you had boosted your Max Body Heat above 60 points (!)
- Only some kinds of health/power regeneration were being disabled by Hypothermia
- Hypothermia damage now bypasses armor as the effect description indicated
- In addition to Cold Mitigation helping protect your body heat in Kur, reducing your Cold Vulnerability now also helps protect your body heat. Reducing your Cold Vulnerability (or Indirect Cold Vulnerability) by 5% is equivalent to having 1 extra point of Indirect Cold Mitigation. So abilities that reduce your vulnerability to 0, such as Elemental Ward, give you the same body-heat protection as 20 points of Cold Mitigation. (And this stacks with your Cold Mitigation.)
- Note that monster debuffs that make you more vulnerable to cold now also make you more susceptible to heat loss (this is a side-effect of the above change)
To help you test, here's some more explanation about how body-heat works:
- Every second that you're in the cold, there is a RANDOM chance that you'll lose body heat. The more indirect cold mitigation (and now, the less indirect Cold Vulnerability) you have, the lower the chance. Because it's random, it can be unpredictably streaky.
- Without any mitigation, you have a 50% chance to lose 1 body heat every second. Every point of cold mitigation reduces that chance by 3%. So 10 points of cold mitigation reduce the chance down to 20%, meaning that on average, your base 60 body heat will last 5-ish minutes.
- Being partially in icy water increases the chance to lose body heat. Being fully submerged in ice water drops your body heat VERY fast.
- In the old system, it mattered if you were in combat or not, but it doesn't matter anymore. You lose body heat at the same rate either way.
- You always get Frostbite right when your Body Heat reaches 0. If it stays at 0 for long, you also get Hypothermia, which is typically fatal. You can't get rid of either of these conditions without getting warm at a fire.
- Use campfires (there are some on the landscape, and you can craft your own) to restore all your heat and remove all ill effects from cold.
- Raising your Max Body Heat can substantially increase the time you can spend outside. (This was bugged until the hotfix.)

Ability/Loot Mod Fixes

- Added several very low-potency mods ("Max Breath Underwater +1 second", "Max Power +3", "Max Health +5", "Inventory Space +1") so that newbie items that happen to be Epic or Legendary will always have enough mods to pick from
- Added higher-level tiers of some of those newbie mods. These are EXTREMELY unlikely to show up on normal loot, but they act as "emergency fallback mods" -- when your item/skills/level combination doesn't have enough available mods to fill out an item, and the system has already run out of "good" generic mods, these crappy generic mods will get used as backup. (This should, theoretically, fix all remaining causes of "pre-legacy" gear.)
- Unarmed mods that claimed to absorb damage and reflect it into punches or kicks did not absorb damage, only reflected it. They now absorb the damage as well as reflecting it into punches/kicks, and a note is added to Punch or Kick's tooltip to indicate that it's active
- The staff mod "Pin causes target's attacks to deal -35% damage for 5 seconds" debuffed the player instead of the target
- The werewolf mod "Skulk boosts the damage of your Core and Nice Attacks +X for 30 seconds" only worked if you had Fire Magic on your second bar
- The werewolf ability Skulk did not correctly make you harder for monsters to detect, and the damage boost was off by a small amount
- Abilities that boost your next attack no longer turn off if the next ability you use is a heal or other harmless ability, since those are not attacks


- Changed how dragging items around in your inventory works. Instead of swapping the item with the one you dragged onto, it inserts it ahead of that item. This seems to be more intuitive. (This change was actually in the previous update but got left out of the patch notes.)
- Dying by drowning did not show up correctly in the "Ways I've Died" skill report; they were being recorded as "unknown cause of death".
- The negative effects of Pineal Juice withdrawal (and dependence) were MUCH more punitive than indicated on the effect icon's description, basically making you unable to play until it wore off. The effects now match description

These known issues still apply:

- Oops! A development version of the Fae race was accidentally included in this snapshot's character-creation screen. It doesn't work yet! (And the art shown there is not finalized.)
- You can create campfires underwater

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December 17 Update

It's gifting time! The people of Alharth don't celebrate Christmas, but they do like to give gifts to their friends at the years' end. Visit the NPCs that you're Friends with to receive your gifts! We'll have some other small celebrations when we get closer to Christmas and New Year's.
This snapshot update fixes a whole bunch of bugs, and starts the preparations for upcoming high-level content, although most of that work is still behind the scenes. There's one fairly big system change: the new Body Heat system for Kur.

New Kur Mountains "Body Heat" System

Kur Mountains now has a "body heat" meter, which replaces the old system of cold. You no longer take damage immediately upon entering Kur. Instead, your body heat drops until you reach 0, at which point you get frostbite, then hypothermia, then probably die.
You can reduce the rate of body-heat loss by raising your Indirect Cold Mitigation (and/or "Cold Mitigation" -- the generic form covers both direct/indirect).
Some items also boost your Max Body Heat: all "winter" armor falls into this category, as does the craftable Cold Protection Potion.
A few abilities restore a small amount of body heat. Currently these are: Breathe Fire, Flesh to Fuel, Revitalize, and Cryogenic Freeze. (These can augment cold-weather gear, but are not sufficient to prevent eventual freezing.)
You can now deploy small campfires to protect yourself from the cold. There are two versions; the Emergency Warmth Fire just keeps you alive and restores body heat. The Basic Campfire can also be used to cook. Hogan in Eltibule and Ukorga in Kur sell the Emergency Warmth Fires; Ukorga can teach you to make either kinds of campfire via his Training menu. They require Carpentry 5 and 10 respectively.

Treasure and Ability Fixes

- Fixed many possible causes of "pre-Legacy" items (that is, items that are Legacy when they are first created). Please continue to report any new items that are Legacy when you get them! We need to know three things: the full name of the item, what two skills you were using when you got it (or what gems you used when you crafted it), and what the Legacy Item Replacer golem in Serbule tells you when you ask him why your item is Legacy.
- The lower-potency armor-boosting mod that comes from rubywall crystals had gone missing for several months, but is back in rotation
- Added a few more effects to the rubywall crafting profile so that there are at least 4 mods for each gear slot (to accommodate legendary rubywall items without running out of mods).
- The base damage of some high-level abilities changed by a few points (less than 1%) due to rounding from some slight formula changes. For example, Finishing Blow 4 deals 385 damage instead of 387.
- In preparation for adding higher-level content, Sword loot mods now scale to level 80. As a side-effect, it's possible to find level 65 sword items when killing the highest-level monsters in the game. The stats on these items are likely to change.
- While adding higher-tier versions of sword loot mods, a few errors were found and fixed. Most importantly: a few mods only had tiers up to level 50, but their level 50 version had been scaled to have the benefits that a level 60 tier should have. Those mods now have more tiers so that they scale to 60, and the level 60 mods have approximately the same power as the level 50 versions used to have. For instance, the mod "Decapitate deals +X damage to non-Elites" capped out at +325, with a level 50 requirement. That level 50 version now deals 275 damage. There is a new level 60 tier of the mod which deals 325 damage.
- Abilities that boost the damage of the next attack (such as Wind Strike, Skulk, or Premeditated Doom) had stopped working.
- Fixed MANY animal-handling gear mods. They were not able to be found on any gear slot. Several slots (such as legs, ring, and necklace) only had 3 possible mods. Sorry for letting this one go unnoticed for so long.
- In the course of correcting the animal-handling mod, a couple of gear mods needed to be moved to new slots. For this reason, if your Animal Handling gear has become Legacy, you can turn it in to the legacy golem to receive 5 replacements.
- Since I was in there anyway, rewrote a couple of Animal Handling mods that had a random chance to apply, because those suck. Not really a full revision, but most of the AH mods have never been seen anyway, so it might as well be!
- Fixed display errors on the abilities That'll Do and Feed Pet.
- Gear mods that boosted Finish It did not show the correct Finish It icon in the item description.
- The mod "All Sword abilities have a 20% chance to restore X Health to you" did not work.
- The mod "Doe Eyes heals 48 health" was supposed to be available on necklace and feet but was only found on deer feet items.
- The Ice Magic version of Cold Protection did not stay active. (It was tied to Fire magic by mistake, so it would stay active if you had Fire Magic and Cold Magic both active, but otherwise not.)
- The shield ability "Quick Bash" did damage to the player instead of the target, and did not actually generate a combat refresh as it says it does.
- You can now get additional bonus levels of Shield from: Armor Patching 25, Armor Patching 45, Staff 32, Endurance 35, Compassion 45, Hoplology 10, and Weapon Augment Brewing 45. Along with the existing bonus level available from Sword 44, that gives Shield a nice range of options for bonus levels.
- The mod "Panic Charge knocks all targets back and restores 50 armor to you" did not knock all targets back.
- The spider ability "Insidious Illusion" now makes you look like a human instead of looking like a mezzed spider. Note that because this is just an illusion, your actually equipped items are not reflected in the appearance.
- If you have the spider mod "Premeditated Doom Increases Sprint Speed +X" on both feet and legs slot, they will now stack correctly.
- Death's Hold, Deathgaze, Wave of Darkness, Spark of Death: treasure mods that boosted flat damage also boosted reuse time by that number of seconds. Which is pretty hilarious if you aren't a necromancer.
- The built-in bleeding effect of Shambling Corpses no longer keeps the owner in combat mode.
- The mod "You Were Adopted deals +36% damage and triggers the target's Vulnerability" did not trigger the target's vulnerability.
- If you have the psychology mod "Inspire Confidence Increases the damage of all targets' attacks +X" on both legs and main-hand slots, they will now stack correctly.
- The ability Ice Armor displayed the incorrect number for how much damage is mitigated. The effect also gave the wrong amount (but a different amount). All are synced up to the intended numbers now (+18 mitigation at max level, instead of +12 or +23).
- First Aid 2 through 5 gave slightly less healing than they said they should. (First Aid 1 and 6 were correct).
- Death-avoidance items like Monger's Boon can no longer protect you from being smote by an admin.
- Meditation #12's combo had a Punch step where it should have had an Any Melee step. (If you are currently using Meditation #12, you will need to re-meditate to get the updated version.)

Other Changes

- Being underwater costs "breath", not metabolism. A breath meter appears at the top of the screen while submerged. You start with a max-breath of 12 seconds. Raising Endurance can boost this number (by +6 at highest current level). A few items can also boost this number.
- Ilmari now has a "hydration" meter. The behavior is unchanged; you just couldn't see the number before until you got a notice that it was very low.
- Ilmari has a first-draft of a map.
- Newbie island bread is no longer too high-level for newbies to eat.
- Newbie island dungeon: removed redundant plot-papers on the ground.
- Removed large white debug columns from Kur Mountains.
- The Thorn of Decay's summoning crystal in Sun Vale can be selected again.
- Adjusted a poorly-placed winterprize node.
- In new installations of Project: Gorgon, the "`" back-quote key is no longer mapped to "Toggle Run/Walk". This is because newbies who accidentally press that button are always confused, and very few people actually want to enter walk mode. (This key made more sense back when sprinting cost power even when out of combat.) The command is still in the game, so if players really want it, they can just manually assign "Toggle Run/Walk" to any key you wish from the Configuration window. Existing installations of Project: Gorgon are unaffected by this change.
- The recipe "Bone Meal (from Femur)" has become "Bone Meal (From Any Bone)". It gives out 1 bone meal for any kind of bone, including femurs of course.
- The recipe "Bone Meal (From Skull)" has been adjusted to more accurately describe the requirements: "Bone Meal (From Humanoid Skull)". Recipe itself is unchanged.
- Therese in Serbule and Yetta in Eltibule have been adjusted to give out their recipes from a Training menu, instead of directly giving them upon reaching a new favor level. Functionality is unchanged (they are still learned for no cost when the new favor level is reached) but now players can see what will be learned when they level up favor.
- Low-level goblin calling cards (with Goblinese requirements below level 10) now drop more often from goblins.
- The "Halloween Loot Chests" outside of the Serbule gate have been removed; the other set (behind the inn in Serbule) have been renamed "Event Loot Chests", and their keys "Event Loot Keys". They will be used for live events or whatever in the future. Their loot is the same, except that all chests now give 3 items. (Low-level chests used to drop up to 6.)

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December 5 Update

This snapshot update has a new beginner's dungeon, changes to the Shield skill, and more.

Newbie Dungeon Expansion

The small dungeon on Anagoge Island has been replaced with a new, much larger dungeon... and it's only just getting started! More parts will come online in future updates. If you haven't played the new-player experience recently, we could use your feedback about the dungeon. Please create a new character, go through the dungeon, and report things that were confusing, that didn't work, or that were great. (It's important to tell us what works, too, so we don't accidentally rip out fun things!)
Oh, and if you were in the old Gajus dungeon: it's gone now, so you will probably die from "falling off the world" when you log in. Just walk it off! (And for the record, if you're Hardcore, note that "fell off the world" deaths never cause your items to break.)
There are a couple of new side-bar abilities that can be learned in the dungeon. They're intended for low-level players, so it's unlikely that a high-level character will get much use out of them, but a player in their low 10s might benefit enough for it to be worthwhile to go back to Anagoge for them.
When the other sections of this dungeon are complete, it will be a very long dungeon, designed to accommodate a large number of low-level players. In fact, it's so long that it conceptually burrows under the ocean and comes out in South Serbule, which means there will be an alternate way off of Anagoge Island -- but, of course, the existing method will remain much faster than trekking through miles of dungeons!


Shield Changes

We've made some improvements to the Shield skill to make it more accessible and versatile. It is still a great choice for tanking, and it now also has improved damage-boosting and healing powers for soloing. It's also easier to unlock the skill and some of its key abilities.
Many treasure mods were completely rewritten, and some mods been moved to new equipment slots, which means some of your old Shield-skill gear may have become Legacy. The "legacy item replacer" golem in Serbule will give you 5 replacement items for any legacy item with Shield prerequisites; hopefully this helps you get back into action quickly.
Shield needed a basic attack, and it now has one, "Quick Bash". This basic attack deals damage and also boosts your Accuracy. It's learned automatically starting at level 4. (The level 60+ version can be learned from Sir Johnson in Ilmari.)
Since the Shield skill already had 13 different combat abilities, this new ability is a replacement for the least-sexy of the old shield abilities (IMO), "Deflect Arrows". If you already knew Deflect Arrows, you'll automatically know corresponding levels of Quick Bash instead.
Other shield notes:
- Tyler Green now teaches the Shield skill at Comfortable favor level (down from Friends). He was starting to develop a persecution complex from being the Most Hated NPC in Alharth, so please be kind to him during his recovery.
- "Shield Team" has a faster cooldown but does not gain as much benefit from the mod that boosts Reinforce's healing. It has its own additional new mods, however
- "Rapid Recovery" has been reworked to hopefully make it more useful. It can now be used while in-combat, but has a 4 second delay-loop animation that aborts if you are hit during that time. This allows it to be used immediately after the last enemy dies, before you've gone "out of combat". It also lets you use the ability during combat in some situations (e.g. when the enemy is mezzed). The healing amount is significantly larger to compensate for slower cast.
- "Finish It" does not have a down-side anymore, because why
- Added a new layer of Disrupting Bash at low level to smooth out the difficulty of leveling Shield. This means that the old Disrupting Bash 5, which was taught by Sir Johnson, is now auto-learned at level 48, and Disrupting Bash 6 is sold by Sir Johnson
- Added two new tiers of the ability Stunning Bash, one early in the level curve and one late. Low-level versions are auto-added to your list, high-level versions are learned from Sir Johnson in Amulna. So check your ability list (and Sir Johnson's training list) to see if you have the highest-level versions available to you.
- Added a new tier of Emergency Bash at low level. This means the old Emergency Bash 5 is now auto-learned. Emergency Bash 6 is sold from Sir Johnson
- Added a new tier of Infuriating Bash at mid-level. Gorvessa the goblin sells it
- Tyler Green now teaches Fight Me You Fools and Vigorous Defense. (Gorvessa also still teaches them.)
- Nelson Ballard now teaches Fire Shield. (Gorvessa also still teaches it.)
- Made it explicit that boosting Reinforce also boosts Rapid Recovery (this is how it worked before but it was undocumented)

Tweaks to NPC Skill Training

NPCs that used to automatically train you in a skill when you reached a certain Favor level have been changed to use the Training menu instead. They still teach you the skill for free when you reach the right Favor level, but you have to go to the Training menu to unlock it manually. This adds discoverability for new players, so they can figure out what an NPC will be able to teach them in the future. There should be no significant functional changes! If there are, please report them.
The full list of affected NPCs is in the forum version of these patch notes.

Rahu Improvements

Rahu continues to receive iterative content improvements:
- Rahu has a first draft of a map
- Sergeant Ultaka in Rahu now sells a "Visitor's Pass" to the back areas of Rahu. (Eventually, rakshasa players will be able to become citizens who don't need a pass, but other races will always need a visitor's pass... or a disguise, perhaps...)
- Items that were supposed to spawn inside of Rahu citizens' houses were spawning on the ground outside instead
- Rakshasa "townies" (e.g. "Evil Shopkeepers", "Concerned Citizens", etc.) can now wander, and have better eyesight
- There is a new NPC in the back parts of Rahu that can teach a new cooking skill. More will be done with this NPC in future updates (and more NPCs will be added to the back areas)
- Three Eyes' current rumors are now displayed correctly

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

- Halloween items no longer drop from undead. (The loot chests will remain a little longer.)
- Several Hammer mods had weird suffixes like "Feet" or "MainHand, Legs". This was just debugging junk that is now gone.
- Adjusted the new-player tutorial to include eating food. Cleaned up some weird tutorial scenarios. Note: new players now get a food item, "hardtack," from the backpack on the beach. This is a new food, so Gourmand completionists might need to obtain one from a newbie. But it's a newbie food, so the Gourmand XP doesn't amount to much anyway.
- Zhao will not take your money to teach you Flower Arrangement if you have already learned Flower Arrangement
- "Cat Eyeballs for Joeh" could be repeated every 2 weeks; it is now a one-time favor
- Hangouts that were supposed to be repeatable once per month were repeatable immediately
- Moderators and admins can now add flair to their chat messages so that they are more obviously a representative of the game and not an imposter
- The "brighter world" checkbox in the graphics options would not be re-applied when you switched areas unless other graphical effects were also on your camera (e.g. night-vision)
- Level 60 Noxious Flapskulls no longer use the same loot profile as level 1 pigs
- Basic Ham Omelet and Bacon Lover's Omelet recipes gave too much Cooking XP on repeats of the recipe
- Fixed a bug that could cause monsters to appear to be near you, but when you attacked them, an error message would indicate that they were actually very far away. (Well, hopefully fixed: we found the cause of the bug, but we can't test the fix except on the live server -- the conditions are too hard to replicate on a test server. So we'll see soon if the fix worked.)
- Creating new survey/mining recipes should no longer fail (and eat your ingredients) if you are outside of the valid mining area for that game-area. (You must still be in the correct game-area to create recipes, for technical reasons, but it shouldn't much matter now where you are in that area.)
- Marna, Eleme, and Raul claimed to like vegetarian meals, but actually liked any meal with veggies in it, regardless of other ingredients. (Meaning that fruit cups didn't count because no veggies, and meat-pies counted if they had potatoes.) They now actually only like vegetarian dishes, meaning any prepared food that has no meat or fish ingredients
- (Note that other NPCs explicitly liked "veggie-heavy meals" (e.g. Gretchen) or "veggie-heavy snacks" (Jumper) and these NPCs are unchanged; any prepared food with vegetables in it works regardless of other ingredients.)
- The ability "Mock" deals direct health damage to be consistent with other Psychic-damage attacks
- Treasure mod "Flesh to Fuel boosts your Core Attack Damage +90 for 7 seconds" was applied when you cast Fireball, not Flesh to Fuel
- Knife abilities "Backstab" and "Surprise Throw" are supposed to do half damage if the target is focused on you. Instead they did half damage if the target WASN'T focused on you
- The navigation mesh for Kur Mountains has been greatly simplified to improve sub-server performance. This should theoretically have no effect on play, but if you find places that you can't auto-move to anymore, or that your pets or your enemies can't get to anymore, please report them! (Stand in the approximate spot that's causing the problem; your report includes coordinates for us.)
- Spore Bomb 1 now does a little bit more damage so that it's powerful enough to kill the [redacted] on the newbie island, as intended
- Spore Bomb recipes changed to give more spore bombs for fewer ingredients
- Hurl Lightning and Latent Charge now count as hammer attacks for purposes of treasure mods like "Hammer attacks deal +16% damage to targets whose Rage meters are at least 66% full"
- The "newbie tier" of the base-skill-damage boosting gear mods, which boosted a skill's damage by 5% (e.g. "Sword Base Damage +5%") now add a flat +3 damage instead. This was done because the lowest tier of many abilities do less than 20 damage, so a 5% bonus is rounded down to +0. : And loot that doesn't do anything at all is very anticlimactic. (The next tier of bonus, which adds 8%, is unchanged.)
- Equipping some items caused an extra icon to appear in the effects list with just the name "-"
- Upgraded Unity from 5.4.1p4 to 5.4.3f1

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November 18 Update

Although the last update took months of work and had tons of changes, we normally like to update much more often. So we're going back to doing "snapshot" builds every two weeks. Snapshot builds contain whatever stuff we've managed to get ready in time. They usually aren't very polished, but the benefit is that you can see this stuff while it's being developed, and give feedback very early in the process. So please do!

Hammer and Ice Magic Revisions

- Hammer and Ice Magic have had significant changes to their gear mods, and a few changes to their abilities (such as different power costs and reset times). In addition, there are three new Hammer abilities: Hurl Lightning, Latent Charge, and Way of the Hammer. These are TEMPORARILY taught by Agrashab the troll. In the future, the electricity-oriented hammer powers will all be taught by a separate NPC. (This sort of thing is the bailiwick of dwarven electricians, not trolls.)
- Because Ice Magic and Hammer gear mods were heavily revised in this update, many old items have become Legacy. We apologize for the hassle this causes! You can hand your Legacy items to the legacy item replacement golem in Serbule. If your Legacy items have prerequisites for either of these two skills, the golem will give you 5 replacement items instead of just 1.
- (Note: if you receive a replacement item that is itself Legacy, you can hand it back to the golem, but will only get 1 replacement for the replacement, not 5. This is to prevent any kind of mass-item-manufacturing exploits. : But if you get a new item that's already marked as Legacy, please report it before you replace it! We need to know the item type and what mods are on it in order to find and fix the data error that caused it to become Legacy.)

Rahu NPCs

Some of the NPCs in Rahu have been revised and reworked. (More will be reworked in the future.) Your Favor Level with these NPCs has not changed, but their texts, their likes and dislikes, and so on may have changed.
- Ashk now calls himself "Ashk the Answerer" and has new favors, hangouts, services, and training available
- Furlak has new quests and hangouts. Note that Furlak's likes/dislikes are almost completely different
- New hangouts for Amutasa
- Ichin the Ice Master has new hangouts, skills, and things to learn. (But no favors yet)
- Shirogin has new quests and hangouts
- Sirine has new quests and hangouts
- A few NPCs in Rahu can now move around and interact with each other

Tailoring Recipes

Tailoring recipes for cloth gloves, slippers, and cowls have been added, which means it's now possible to craft cloth armor for all armor slots. The low-level recipes can be learned from Thimble Pete in Eltibule (or Elaina in Animal Town) and the high-level ones can be learned from Shirogin in Rahu. A few variants are in loot as rare-drop scrolls. These recipes were finished just a few hours prior to the patch cutoff time, so they have not been tested much. Please report bugs or bad data!

Other Changes and Fixes

- Some unarmed combos were no longer really usable anymore due to changes in ability reuse timers. These combos now have a wildcard ("Any Melee") step in place of the problematic step. A few really stupid combos (e.g. Punch+Punch+Punch+Punch) have been revised as well
- recipe for owl jack-o-lantern once again requires a pumpkin (!)
- shuffled around the recipes for various Carpentry items so that the ingredient cost of lower-level items are always cheaper than the ingredient cost of higher-level items. For related reasons, the value of cedar and maple wood has increased slightly
- All monsters in Kur Mountains de-spawn (and are replaced) if they are not killed within a few hours. This is an experiment to see if it helps circumvent the pathmapping bug found in this area. (It can't be reproduced locally, so we have to try things and see how it affects live performance after a week or so.)
- Cleaned up some pathmapping problems in Kur Mountains, such as the ability to auto-move over water
- Lore note: The Rahu military is now named the Onkara instead of the Ankara. This is more phonetically accurate, and more importantly, Rahu already had way too many proper nouns that started with A
- Introduced the first "meltable" ice-magic items. If an item says it can melt, it's not joking... it really can melt, disappearing from your inventory! Melting happens especially quickly in hot areas. Cold areas like Kur Mountains completely prevent melting. Being hit by fire attacks, or being lit on fire, greatly increases the chance of melting. Items in storage do not melt. This game mechanic is obviously very niche, and will only be used for a handful of things. Because otherwise it'd be super irritating
- Many item-crafting recipes now use a hammering animation instead of just making the player sit on the ground
- The treasure mod that made Heart Piercer turn extra rage into damage didn't work
- Broccoli Florets, which require butter, are now flagged as having Dairy (for purposes of veganism and, inexplicably, gift-giving. "You like dairy foods? Then here's some broccoli... it has butter on it!" Yep, seems reasonable to me!)
- You cannot equip, unequip, or drop items while dead
- Load-outs that contained musical instruments would always put the musical instrument's skill in the first skill bar, rather than the skill you actually wanted
- Shambling Corpses lose health automatically again. That's three times they've broken due to small changes in other systems, so I've recoded them to lose health in a completely different way that should be much less breakable. (They have a perma-DoT on them now.)
- Recipes that require low-quality Humanoid Skulls can now accept higher-quality skulls instead. (Of course, this is often a waste of a "good" skull but sometimes it's what you want to do)
- Crafting recipes for cow-shoes and deer-shoes had incorrectly trivial ingredients; they are a bit more complex now
- Removed extraneous cloud of smoke from the farm fields of Serbule.
- Even though the time between Blanche and Rita's discussions was random, it was often streaky, making it feel like Blanche and Rita were chatting constantly. There is now a 5-miute minimum timeout between their chats
- the corpse bits that were added for Shamanic Infusion now have appropriate tags for gifting, e.g. rat teeth are considered teeth for NPCs that like teeth as gifts
- Revised spawns on the very beginning bit of the newbie island to be less deadly
- Added torches on the island that lead up to the lighthouse (players seemed to not realize there was a lighthouse up there at all, especially when it's dark)

Word-Search Scoring

We've changed the scoring on the word-search mini-game. Longer words still give a much higher score than smaller words, but the difference is smaller. Now you can sometimes get better scores by typing a bunch of 5-letter words than you can by typing one or two 8-letter words. The goal is to lower the incentive to cheat. It's always possible for players to cheat by going to a word-search website, and there's no way for us to detect that. So the new scoring is intended to make that less appealing: it takes time to go type the word into a website, and in the mean time your competitors are typing in smaller words! The down side of this change is that your typing speed is much more important than it was before, but I guess that's the lesser of two evils.
(As I've said before, we don't plan to use the Vocabulary skill for much because of its potential for exploitation. The Bard will get a benefit from Vocabulary 25. Nothing will ever need a Vocabulary level higher than that -- levels beyond 25 are just for fun.)
As a curious side effect of the scoring change, the NPCs that play the word game will now have very different scores. The NPCs' scores are simulated based on their [imaginary] skill in three categories: word-entry speed, word-hunting speed, and vocabulary. As an example, Sir Coth is a master of entering words quickly, but his vocabulary is very poor and he usually only finds short words. After this change, his score will go up. Zeratak the mantis, on the other hand, is very slow at entering words, but has an incredible vocabulary. She usually only manages to enter one or two words, but they're very long. Her score will go down due to this change.
Also, a little-known trick: interacting with NPCs that play the game causes them to drop out of the next game (so they can talk to you). This trick can be used to kick NPCs out of the scoring for a round, if you really need to feel superior to a bot. (And that's why Sir Coth rarely shows up on the scoreboard -- he's busy talking.)

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November 5 Update (Hotfix)

The blue flame in town is now dormant and monsters can no longer be summoned. However, undead throughout the world still drop Halloween loot and chest keys! ALL undead are now eligible, including skeletons, ghouls, ghosts, flapskulls, faces of death, and zombies (such as Frozen Corpses). All undead boss monsters also have a chance to drop them (on the first kill during a 3-hour period). If a boss looks undead, it probably is; for instance, the Bonfire Puck is undead.
Pre-existing Halloween keys can still be used in any of the Halloween chests, but new keys are tailored to a specific level of chest. For instance, level 20 skeletons drop keys for the level 20 Halloween chest.

Ability Fixes

- Most harmless abilities (such as heals and buffs) were affected by buffs that boosted skill damage. For instance, if you had a buff that gave you +10 Psychology damage, your Pep Talk would deal 10 damage (before healing for the normal amount). This bug has been fixed for over 60 different abilities, so if you're wondering about a specific ability, the answer is probably: yes, it was bugged
- Jab indicated that it was a Basic Attack, but did not generate a Combat Refresh. In actuality it wasn't supposed to be marked as a Basic Attack (it has a 5 second cooldown... and costs Power...) but it seems more interesting with a Combat Refresh attached so we'll make it do that for now
- Blood of the Pack levels 1-4 could be learned in any order and did not share the same cooldown timer
- Bodyslam could not be substituted for Hip Throw in a few combos
- Deflective Spin is no longer marked as "harmless", since it does AoE damage now
- "Heart's Power" and "Spleen's Power" are no longer marked as ranged attacks. Or, in fact, as attacks of any kind
- "See Red" is now considered harmless (meaning that using it out of combat does not begin combat)
- Blocking Stance no longer benefits from buffs that make melee attacks cheaper (because it is not an attack)
- The abilities "Feed Pet" and "That'll Do" did not correctly display buffed healing numbers (although the healing was correctly buffed, just not displayed)
- Flesh to Fuel was fixed so that Fire Magic Damage no longer boosts its damage. This reduces the damage it does with typical high-level fire gear by a lot! However, the damage from Flesh to Fuel is still Fire damage, so buffs to the Fire damage-type still boost its damage. This is an intentional trade-off. (By making the ability do real Fire damage, your Fire Mitigation gear works on it, potentially reducing the damage to zero, but that also means it can deal more damage. It's supposed to be a tricky and slightly annoying balancing thing... and with the bug fixed it should work closer to the intention.) The terms are very similar here, so to be extremely clear: the term "Fire Magic" refers to the skill, but "Fire" by itself refers to the damage type. So things that boost "Fire Magic Damage" do not affect the ability anymore, but things that boost Fire Damage or Direct Fire Damage still do. (Things that boost Indirect Fire Damage do not, because it isn't an indirect fire source... it's directly burning you right when you press the button.)
- Similarly, the ability Restorative Arrow is no longer buffed by things that boost Archery damage. However, it does a tiny amount of Piercing damage, and things that boost Piercing will boost this number. (But the damage amounts are so small that it's just for flavor.)
- "You Were Adopted" could not be activated after using Tell Me About Your Mother. (Psychoanalyze still worked.)

Loot Mod Fixes

- "Double Hit Ignites the Target, Dealing X Damage": was igniting the player instead
- "Debilitating Blow deals +X damage and causes your Core Attacks to deal +Y damage for 7 seconds": was buffing the monster's Core Attack damage instead
- "Tell Me About Your Mother boosts your Epic Attack Damage +10 and reduces the Power cost of your Epic Attacks -4 for 15 seconds": only lasted for 1 second
- "Calefaction causes target to take +X% damage from Cold for 12 seconds": had wrong icon
- Loot mod that made Fire Breath deal AoE damage did not make it an AoE attack
- Loot that boosted Jab damage didn't work
- "Skulk causes your next attack to deal +X% damage if it is a Slashing attack": now correctly describes it as a Crushing attack
- "Smell Fear deals +X% damage and further reduces Rage by Y": the Rage-reduction number was incorrectly displaying as 0. It did actually remove Rage, however
- "Positive Attitude boosts your out-of-combat sprint speed": was turning itself off if you didn't have the Staff skill active. It now requires the Psychology skill, as intended
- "Electrify generates no Rage and reduces Rage by X": X was always displayed as 0. (It did actually remove Rage, however.)
- "Mamba Strike and Front Kick deal X Trauma damage over 15 seconds": was incorrectly flagged as a Fire Magic effect. If you did not have Fire Magic active it would abort after 1 tick of damage
- "LOW_COMMUNITY_XP_EARNED_MOD" now has the correct label "XP Penalty When Feeling Lonely" (which, of course, only applies to Humans)

Other Fixes

- Imbuing an item with Shamanic Infusion caused it to become Legacy. (These items should automatically stop being Legacy now. If they are still Legacy please check the golem to see why, and report if it is in error!)
- You can now get two more levels of Staff skill by raising Unarmed skill. (This allows Staff users to potentially reach 65 and access Phoenix Strike 4)
- Low-level deer should no longer be afraid of summoned pet deer
- Words of Power "whiny voice", "hateable face", and "disgusting body odor" are supposed to increase the Taunt of your attacks but were accidentally multiplying it by 0 afterwards, resulting in no taunt from attacks
- Renamed "Psychology Healing" to "Pep Talk Healing" to better describe what it does
- Velkort did not remember your Favor levels from before the update
- Magically-infused musical instruments now count as "equipment" for gift-giving purposes

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