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This page lists various means of increasing run speed.


  • Bleeding Speed Potion (L 5) and Agonizing Speed Potion (L 20) can be learned from Alchemy: Ignite The Fire In Your Legs!, a book sold by Yetta. These potions last two minutes and require at least one Fire Dust as ingredient.


Item Properties

  • Active: Ability mods on higher tier items, for example: "Strike A Nerve cause your Sprint speed to increase by 10 for 10 seconds"
  • Passive: Sprint speed mods on various items, such as the +1 to sprint speed on the "Amulet of the Rugged Traveler", "Ring of Jaunty Traipsing", or the +2 sprint speed on boots with the word "Windstep" in their title. These passive sprint mods stack.