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Who Buys What

The following table summarizes which merchants buy which items at full or near full value.

Very useful vendor who buys a wide variety of items at decent prices.

NPC Buys Items
Joeh Weapons and armors (not amulets, not shields!).
Mushroom Jack Misc. loot from animals and creatures, mushrooms
Velkort Animal parts (spider legs, snail shells, mandibles, cat eyeball, ...), most other things at pitiful prices.
Marna Use as a last resort, due to her very limited pool of gold (even with higher favor).
Fainor Foods (prepared and raw), and it seems misc. non-food recipes.
Sir Coth Necklaces (not amulets), antiques (paintings, coins, goblets, plates), Amb.Magic Sponges & Fulgurites from Under the Hand.
Larsan Crystals, gems & jewelry.
Therese Vegetables and seeds. Most everything else she pays pitiful prices.
Elahil Weapons (all types), arrows.
Tadion Weapons and armors (not shields), metal slabs.
Flia Requires Comfortable to shop. She pays 52 gold at Best Friends.
Azalak Potions, animal trophies
Yetta Buys nearly everything, up to 260 gold per item at Like Family (sell weapons and armor to Kalaba).
Kalaba Buys weapons and armors (not amulets, not shields!). (same as Joeh)
Kleave All kinds of foods (raw and cooked), potions.
Jesina Potions, foods, flowers.
Helena Veilmoor She pays well for recipe scrolls, and buys a bit of everything.
Kur Mountains
Ukorga Weapons, armors and amulets.
Laura Neth Foods at full value, everything else at pitiful prices.